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I saw a review of a guy around my weight and height. So I ordered the size he mentioned. My weight has been fluctuating. Im 6’1 between 205 and 196. I ordered the large which is a small in U.S size. I will be ordering two more pairs in different colors. I saw a over seas fitness company on Facebook and IG with the same pictures. Their logo was printed (photoshop) on the shorts and they wanted double the price. Read some comments saw that it took over a month to receive and for some they never received them. I thank god I checked on here or else I’d be in the same boat.
They fit and look great from the front but the stitching is uneven on the sides, I'm 5'8 and 150lbs, size 28 pants, most gym shorts are baggy and loose on me, not the look I want to go for but these are the size I like but the two leg holes are completely different. As you can see in the photos, the stitching is a bit messy too with strings hanging down.
Very comfortable shorts, little hesitant about the sizing but they ended up fitted just as I expected them too. I weight 195 lbs - 6"feet and size 32 on waist. I decided to go with size S with me preferring them to be mid quad and show some tear drop with a good pump. ;)

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