Wrapables SOCKSHOSIERY 送料0円 ベビー いよいよ人気ブランド ユニセックス

Wrapables SOCKSHOSIERY ユニセックス・ベビー

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Wrapables SOCKSHOSIERY ユニセックス・ベビー


再生ピーカブー装備この遊び心のあるソックス。靴下の各セットには、次のソックス: 1で構成されています。動物ソックスが動物に顔、耳、2で構成されています。足の靴下でカラーのパターンとデザイン、3を参照してください。遊び心のあるデザイン靴下。このソックスでも小さな足指を暖かく維持スタイルが含まれています。さらに、ボトムのソックスは滑り止め素材がビーズ除き、子供の安全のXLサイズが表示されています。

Wrapables SOCKSHOSIERY ユニセックス・ベビー

These are great socks. I bought them for my 20 month old son and am still using them at 24 months. They are pretty soft for being polyester. The grips are all along the foot to prevent slipping; I've had no problems with grips coming off in the wash. The colors are perfect for a toddler drawn to bright designs. I think I'll get to about 2.5 years with these. My son wears a size 6 toddler shoe right now so I think the range is likely 5 to 6.5 on these. If this review is helpful to you, I would grateful if you pressed the "helpful" button! :)
These are surprisingly well-made, high-quality socks, especially for the price. My 2yo wears a size 7 shoe and these fit well, if not just a tad big (which I don't mind). They are cute, comfortable, and best of all, my toddler likes wearing them. They are thin -- they're not going to be the socks we choose on sub-zero days here in Wisconsin -- but they're great for everyday wear.
I can only rate these socks on their appearance as they were way too small for my 9 month old grandson. These socks are absolutely adorable and the material seems to be very good quality although I can't comment on how the socks handled laundering since I had to return these due to size. I bought during a lightning deal and an exchange was not offered or I would have tried the size large. I have been searching for socks with the non-skid surface and I find the sizing of socks for this age range to be very inconsistent from one manufacturer to another. My grandson is not chubby or big for his age and I am surprised that the size small fit older toddlers according to other reviews.

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